Modern house facade with a wooden door and garage.

Feels Like Home

“After finding a house in the perfect neighborhood, a couple renovates to reflect their love and passion for the environment.”—Bethesda Magazine

Bethesda Magazine
A cozy living room with a stone fireplace and a mounted television, surrounded by comfortable seating and large windows.

Great Home Design: Expanded Craftsman

“The idea was to give the room some warmth, some texture, something cozy but soaring.”—Team at Rill Architects

Washingtonian Magazine
A two-story home with dark siding, brick accents, and surrounded by lush greenery.

Houzz Tour: Eclectic Ranch Revival in Washington D.C.

“The simple exterior and familiar profile recall iconic American Architecture. It’s a country house feel, but we’re in the city.”—David Benton

Georgian-style brick mansion with central doorway and symmetric window arrangement at sunset, now a tech incubator for launching innovation.

For Launching Innovation, A Cushy Pad

“Everyone who comes to Washington wants to change the world, but not many get a chance like this… in a setting like this.“—the Washington Post

The Washington Post
An elegant entrance with a teal door and stone facade, featuring the address '4600' over the doorway.

Show House Dazzle

“We offset the home’s traditional front facade by brightening it up and making it friendlier and more approachable.”—David Benton

Home and Design
Elegant backyard patio with pergola, comfortable seating, and a view of a landscaped pond.

Sitting Pretty Poolside

“Creating outdoor living rooms that define and give order to the landscape are key elements to a home design.”—Jim Rill

John Eric Home
A two-story suburban house with a gabled roof, front porch, and attached garage.

9 Top Rated Color Combinations for Your Home Exterior

“Choosing the right colors for your exterior can make a big impact on the look of your home.”—Team at Rill Architects