Ray’s of Light

“The original layout had a big idea, but there hadn’t been a follow through. Our idea was to express the connection to the landscape.”—Jim Rill

Chesapeake Views Magazine

Bringing the Outside In

“This is a home that now relates to the land.”—Team at Rill Architects  

What's Up Eastern Shore Magazine

Gas or Wood Burning? Your fireplace may reflect your view of living

“A nice big warm wood burning fire has good ambiance to it and is much more attractive than a gas fireplace.”—Jim Rill

The Washington Post

New Kitchen and Breakfast Room

“The owners wanted a refined look, but they didn’t want it overstated. It needed to be elegant, yet casual.”—Jim Rill



“Create unique storage space for better flow and functionality”—Richard Rossi

Kitchen and Baths Magazine
2010 WP home for a seasons

Home for All Seasons

“The inspiration is from the American summer home from the turn of the century.” — Jim Rill

The Washington Post

The Art of Architecture

“Budgets also effect the creativity of the architect’s design, often in a positive way. There’s strong creativity in working within a budget” —Jim Rill

Washington Life Magazine

Kensington Dream Home is Green from the Ground Up

“The goal was to renovate it to make it look like it has been in the neighborhood forever” — The Homeowner

Washington Examiner

Life In The Woods

“The whole idea came about from the owners’ desire to experience nature from within the house” — Jim Rill

Home and Design

Laundry Room Evolution

“The current trends are to give this area of the home plenty of daylight and views, as well as to implement fun designs ideas.” — Jim Rill

Kitchen & Bath - Chesapeake Home

Cape Cod gets contemporary makeover

“A wrap around porch on the back, the screened in porch on the front and the slated walkways help create a seamless and seemingly organic flow from the indoor to the outdoors spaces.”—Jim Rill

Washington Examiner

Eco Chic—Get Into Green Living

“…created something unique that demonstrates how beauty and green building can go hand in hand” —Jim Rill

Washington Life Magazine

Merry-Go-Round Farm tries to bring superior architecture to Potomac

“It’s just wonderful to know people’s personalities and see them come to fruition in these homes” —Jim Rill

The Washington Post
thumbnail 2010

Oak Park comes to Kensington

“The half-walls on the porch, unlike open railings, are a signature of Frank Lloyd Wright designs that are prevalent in Oak Park.”—DCDesign

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