Grand neoclassical mansion with a central entryway flanked by multi-paned windows, set at the end of a tree-lined driveway. It has an upper balcony and widow walk on the roof.
Modern treehouse-style home with large windows surrounded by lush greenery.
Charming two-story house with a white exterior, brown shutters, and a neatly landscaped entrance.
Twilight at a coastal residential building with lit windows and a view of the sea.
Illuminated two-story house with stone foundation at dusk.
A rustic wooden barn house with a metal roof at dusk.
Elegant house with cedar shake siding, stone chimney, and a wraparound columned porch.
A cozy fireplace with a decorative wreath and a neatly arranged mantle.
Stone cottage with red window frames and a wooden door, featuring a prominent chimney and surrounded by greenery.
A two-story house with a broad front porch surrounded by greenery.
Two-story house with a shingled exterior, featuring a balcony on the upper level and surrounded by short trees.
Classical brick house facade with white columns and entrance door, flanked by decorative urns.
Rustic wooden garage with three bays and an upper level set against a hazy, natural backdrop.
A close-up of a house with a slanted roof, a rain gutter, and a double-hung window surrounded by trees.
Elegant two-story house with a stucco finish, stone accents, and a slate roof.
A stone turret with windows embedded in a residential home with shingle siding.
Two-story house with a covered front porch and landscaped garden.
Elegant stone house facade with a wooden front door, large windows, and a paved entrance.