Elegant patio dining area outside a modern home with large windows and lush greenery.

Back to Nature

“The addition worships light and brings it into the home. The owners can sit here on a winters day and feel like they’re outside.”—Jim Rill

Home and Design
A craftsman-style house with a gabled roof and a front porch during early fall.

Baby Boomers Enhance the Empty Nest

“I don’t want to move, I like our home’s proximity to grocery, shopping and Metro. So we decided to upsize.”—the Homeowner

The Washington Post
Twilight view of a dual-structure waterfront residence with lit windows and an interconnecting deck.

On the Waterfront

“The deck railing consists of horizontal steel wires like those on a sailboat, adding to the nautical feel and providing an unobstructed view.”—Jim Rill

Bethesda Magazine
Elegant outdoor seating area with a covered pavilion and fireplace adjacent to a residential home.

English—Garden Style

“We took this beautiful garden and created ways to experience it.”—Jim Rill

Home and Design
Modern twin gable-roofed houses with wood siding and a shared staircase.

In Home Design, It’s Easier to be Green

“Green building products are also becoming much more accessible and affordable in the long run.”—Jim Rill

Washingtonian Magazine
Modern glass house with wooden beams nestled in a forest setting at dusk.

Rill Architects’ Retreat in the Woods

“Simple forms and natural materials were key to the design of this home.”—Jim Rill

Modern treehouse-style home nestled in lush woodland.

Home Decor Trends 2013

“In the past traditional architecture has been the go-to design of choice. Now clients are comfortable with contemporary design, not only with interior layout, but also the exterior.”—Rill Architects Team

The Almanac: Home Life Style
White interior staircase with black handrail beside windows.

The Power of Light

“The clients wanted a house that had a presence, but not an ostentatious presence, more of a subtle elegance.”—Rill Architects Team

The Potomac Almanac
Illuminated rustic house by the lake at dusk with reflections on the water.

History is a Backdrop

“The owners wanted to retain the sense of history associated with the land.”—Jim Rill

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