Traditional Maryland house with a multi-car garage and a landscaped circular driveway.
Cozy rustic living room with a lit gas fireplace, leather armchairs, and wooden beams.

Gas or Wood Burning? Your fireplace may reflect your view of living

“A nice big warm wood burning fire has good ambiance to it and is much more attractive than a gas fireplace.”—Jim Rill

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Wine cellar with extensive bottle storage, stone pillars, and a tasting table with wine bottles and glasses.

DC Area Wine Enthusiasts Turn Their Basements into Elegant Wine Cellars

“It’s designed to look like it was carved out of a mountain, with stone walls, stone floors and stone niches”

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Georgian-style brick mansion with central doorway and symmetric window arrangement at sunset, now a tech incubator for launching innovation.

For Launching Innovation, A Cushy Pad

“Everyone who comes to Washington wants to change the world, but not many get a chance like this… in a setting like this.“—the Washington Post

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A craftsman-style house with a gabled roof and a front porch during early fall.

Baby Boomers Enhance the Empty Nest

“I don’t want to move, I like our home’s proximity to grocery, shopping and Metro. So we decided to upsize.”—the Homeowner

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An elegant outdoor area with a fireplace and seating area at dusk.

Bringing the Family Room Outdoors

“With careful design considerations, you can create an outdoor room that seamlessly transitions between the house and the yard.”—Jim Rill

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Traditional coastal house adorned with flags and seasonal home decor located on the bayside under clear blue sky.

Home for All Seasons

“The inspiration is from the American summer home from the turn of the century.” — Jim Rill

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Charming house with stone foundation and multi-tiered roofing, surrounded by lush greenery.

Merry-Go-Round Farm tries to bring superior architecture to Potomac

“It’s just wonderful to know people’s personalities and see them come to fruition in these homes” —Jim Rill

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