Modern dining room with open-plan layout, featuring a staircase, high ceilings, and large windows.
A modern living room with a tiny gray sofa, a wood coffee table, a cowhide rug, and chandelier.
Modern house with illuminated interior and porch at twilight, surrounded by a landscaped garden.
Historic red brick mansion viewed from an elegant formal garden with a sundial and manicured hedges.

2016 Designers Choice Award

“To be selected for Hall of Fame Architect is indeed a great honor.”—Team at Rill Architects

Home and Design
A rustic wooden house with a metal roof surrounded by lush greenery at dusk.

Top Architect: Rill Architects

“We incorporate natural light and utilize the entire site to expand homes into the landscape”—Team at Rill Architects

Home and Design
Bright and airy living room with vaulted ceilings, neutral tones, and elegant furnishings.

River’s Edge

“The house is beautiful, but it was missing one key ingredient: a connection to it’s stunning waterfront surroundings”—Jim Rill

Home and Design
An elegant entrance with a teal door and stone facade, featuring the address '4600' over the doorway.

Show House Dazzle

“We offset the home’s traditional front facade by brightening it up and making it friendlier and more approachable.”—David Benton

Home and Design
Elegant patio dining area outside a modern home with large windows and lush greenery.

Back to Nature

“The addition worships light and brings it into the home. The owners can sit here on a winters day and feel like they’re outside.”—Jim Rill

Home and Design
Elegant outdoor seating area with a covered pavilion and fireplace adjacent to a residential home.

English—Garden Style

“We took this beautiful garden and created ways to experience it.”—Jim Rill

Home and Design
Traditional brick mansion with ornamental garden and sundial.

Private Tour: A History of Giving

“We knew right away that this historic house was perfect for our foundation. We looked at the terraces and grounds and fell in love.”—the Homeowners

Home and Design
An elegant single-story house with a beige exterior, arched doorway, and well-manicured landscape.

Tranquil Oasis

“…the attention to detail is evident in graceful moldings, wainscoting and trim, and rhythmic changes in ceiling heights.”—Home & Design

Home and Design
A tudor-style house with decorative half-timbering and a large evergreen tree beside the entrance.

Back in Style

“The renovated portico extends a warm welcome. We altered the trim above the entry and painted it in contrasting colors to accentuate the home’s Tudor style.”—The Rill Architects Team

Home and Design
Modern glass house illuminated at twilight amidst a wooded landscape.

100 Top Designers

“We incorporate natural light and utilize the entire site to expand homes into the landscape”—The Rill Architects Team

Home and Design
A tranquil evening setting displaying a modern house with large glass windows surrounded by a lush forest.

Life In The Woods

“The whole idea came about from the owners’ desire to experience nature from within the house” — Jim Rill

Home and Design