Two-story stucco home construction with a brown trim, multi-pane windows, and a landscaped front yard featuring circular shrub plantings.
Modern house facade with a wooden door and garage.

Feels Like Home

“After finding a house in the perfect neighborhood, a couple renovates to reflect their love and passion for the environment.”—Bethesda Magazine

Bethesda Magazine
Twilight view of a dual-structure waterfront residence with lit windows and an interconnecting deck.

On the Waterfront

“The deck railing consists of horizontal steel wires like those on a sailboat, adding to the nautical feel and providing an unobstructed view.”—Jim Rill

Bethesda Magazine
A wooden cathedral ceiling with a skylight and a white ceiling fan.

Seeing the Light

“The ceiling provides an elegant touch, a flat roof wouldn’t be nearly as ‘wow.’”—the Homeowner

Bethesda Magazine
A cozy bedroom with a pink theme adorned with plush toys and featuring an ornate fireplace with an artwork above it.

Room to Grow

“The fireplace, made from western Maryland fieldstone, has just enough detail – including a decorative screen and wide, white mantel – to make if feminine.”—Jim Rill

Bethesda Magazine